More Effective Networker Course

Improve your Networking skills , become more referral, become a key member of your Business Network

Effective Networking Training
You can both commit to learning how to be a more effective networker and save money with the Networking Course Combo

Included in the package for less than a cup of coffee per week you have access to

Networking Boot Camp

Covering 13 Weekly Modules, Networking Boot Camp is a selection of lessons designed for people new to business networking or to those who want to revisit the basic skills of networking. From the initial kickstart modules that will help you plan your activity, this course delivers weekly ideas to help you to build solid business networking skills.

      • Build a core set of ideas and skills to improve your networking activity
      • Give you focus on your reasons for networking
      • Motivate you to be a more effective networker

Applied Daily Networking

Applied Daily Networking has been written to build new skills and habits, which will help you to be a more effective and active networker. The course will make you aware of the opportunities around you to help you be the referral finder you want to be. By implementing the 13 weeks of training you will be able to

      • Create good networking habits
      • Focus on finding referrals
      • Become more referable within your group and in the wider world

Beyond The Comfort Zone

When you move Beyond The Comfort Zone, you will lift your networking activity to a higher level. Beyond The Comfort Zone will make you think differently about your networking activity; it will disrupt your habits and improve your focus.During this 13 course, you will become focused on

      • Planning your networking strategically
      • Understanding the need to be active
      • Setting networking KPIs
      • Having gratitude for referrals passed to you

Become a more effective business networker
In Addition to the course material you will gain access to other material and videos that will give you a deeper insight into the art of Business Networking. Included are

  • Monthly Video Presentations
  • Access to Q&A Sessions
  • Additional Course Modules
  • and more ...

These materials are only avaiable to subscribers and go beyond the content of the 'My Networking Coach' free public website. They are only available to committed business networkers like you who want to commit to being more effective.

No Risk Subscription - No Big Upfront Cost
The cost of investing in your business networking training is just $6 per month, this means you will be able to start learning today for an exceptionally good price.